Introduction of China Sufi Sheikh

Introduction  of  Chinese Sufis Presbyter of  sacred truth Sheikh  Mohammed Habib  Al Alim  Abdul Rawufu Yemeni


Chinese name of Presbyter Sheikh Mohammed Habib Al Alim Abdul Rawufu Yemeni : Ma Yuzhu, male, Hui nationality, born in 1939 in Panlong village of Mujiaying town in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, now living in Kunming, Yunnan Province. Presbyter Ma Yuzhu was born in a traditional religious family and his father was Presbyter Ma Zhenwu, Sheikh Abdul Haliaq , the eighth-generation mentor of Chinese Sufis’ Naqshiban-diyyah-Jahariyah Doctrine.

Presbyter Ma Yuzhu, Sheikh Mohammed Habib Al Alim Abdul Rawufu Yemeni, a senior engineer, graduated from Kunming Medical College of Yunnan Province. He was the director, chief engineer and deputy chief physician of Kunming Institute of Research of Computer Applications in Medicine. Executive Director of China Medical Information Society and Secretary of Yunnan Branch. Chairman of Yunnan Branch of China Artificial Intelligence Society. He is Director of Yunnan Ethnic and Folk Exchange Center of the Professional Committee of Ethnic and Folk Exchange of the Chinese Anthropological Ethnological Research Association of the National People’s Committee of China. He is included in Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese Natural Science Scholars and Dictionary of Chinese Hui Nationality. He is the Honorary President and Senior Adviser of Academy of Muslim Culture and Art and executive director of Xinjiang Development Professional Committee of Chinese Anthropological Ethnology Research Association. Acquired the title of Inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of minority nationalities, “Hualong Quan”.

At the beginning of the eighteenth century, Sheikh of China, His Excellency Sheikh Wiqayetunllah accepted the holly Sufis’ Naqshiban-diyyah Doctrine in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen (from his Sheikh, namely Yemen’s Sheikh, His Excellency Mohanmed Wubn Reyni). After sixteen years of study from the Yemeni mentor, he returned to China on the order of the mentor, His Excellency Mohanmed Wubn Reyni. Through his own efforts, our prophet Mohanmed’s (May Allah Belss Him) love and Allah’s help, the lofty Sufis’ Naqshiban-diyyah doctrine has been spread in China, passed on over generations and last till now.

The contemporary Chinese Sufi mentor, our leader, the knowledgeable believer and the Worri of Allah, His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed Habib Al Alim Abdul Rawufu Yemeni is the son of His Excellency Sheikh Mohanmed Abdul Hanliaq, the son of His Excellency Sheikh Mohanmed Thadiqellah, the son of His Excellency Sheikh Mohanmed Shamsuldini, the son of His Excellency Sheikh Mohanmed Abdul, and the son of His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed Ibrahim Jofi. His pedigree can be traced back to Syed Mohanmed Shamsuldini Umar(May Allah Be Pleased with Him), and he is the twenty-seventh grandson of sacrosanctity Mohammed(May Allah Bless Him). Our contemporary mentor, His Excellency Ma Yuzhu, Sheikh Mohammed Habib Al Alim Abdul Rawufu Yemeni belonging to descendants of the 49th generation of the our prophet Mohanmed (May Allah Bless Him), is named Sheikh Mohammed Habib Al Alim Abdul Rawufu by Muhammad Shemsu Islam and Mohammad Habrinla by ***. 

Achievements in the Field of Science and Medicine of Presbyter Ma Yu zhu

Sheikh Mohammed Habib  Al Alim Abdul Rawufu  Yemeni

Presbyter Sheikh Mohammed Habib Al Alim Abdul Rawufu Yemeni is an encyclopedic scholar who integrates modern science, medicine and relpigion, whose research achievements in academic fields have brought tremendous contributions to Chinese society and the Muslim public.

Presbyter Ma Yuzhu, Sheikh Mohammed Habib Al Alim Abdul Rewufu is well-known in medical field. His scientific research achievements have filled many gaps in Computer Applications in Medicine at home and abroad, and he has been awarded as Model Worker in Kunming and Advanced Individual title of Scientific and Technological Reform in Yunnan Province for many times. He has become the subject leader in the field of Computer Applications in Medicine in Kunming and even the whole Yunnan Province. His main productions and achievements are all selflessly devoted to the Party and the state. According to evaluation from this field, these scientific research achievements of Ma Yu zhu can not only gradually form a high-tech industry specializing in the production of medical devices concerning Computer Applications in Medicine and artificial intelligence, which can create huge economic benefits, but also enhance the core competitiveness of medical device manufacturing enterprises and make positive contributions to the revitalization of China’s medical industry.

In terms of subject knowledge, Ma Yuzhu’s main achievements and papers are as follows: he has invented 16 artificial intelligence medical instruments, including “108 Kinds of Drug Display”, “Micro-computer Four-channel ECG monitor”, “Computer Expert System of Yao Zhen bai’s famous veteran practioner of TCM”, and “Diagnostic and Therapeutic Instrument for Coronary Heart Disease”, among which 13 have won the National Medical Science and Technology Achievement Award, and some of them have so far been used in medical field. The article “COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Consultation System of Multiple Experts of Integrative Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine” is included in Collection of Papers of the Sixth World Conference on Medical Informatics in 1989.

Due to the limited conditions at that time, most of Presbyter Ma Yuzhu, Sheikh · Mohammed · Habib ·Al Alim ·Abdul ·Rawufu Yemeni ‘s research results were reported to the provincial government by his previous unit, therefore apart from a few research productions being developed and applied, most of them have not yet brought their benefits and productivity into full play. Because of his outstanding contribution in the medical field, Ma Yuzhu has been included in Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese Natural Science Scholars and Dictionary’s  of Chinese Hui Nationality since his middle age.

Works in the field of Religion of Presbyter Ma Yuzhu, Sheikh · Mohammed · Habib · Al Alim ·Abdul ·Rawufu Yemeni

In the middle and later period of last century, Islam in China ushered in a crucial opportunity for development. Sheikh opened many Islamic schools in Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou, in southwest China and Gansu, Ningxia in northwest China. He carried out popularization of Islam knowledge and advanced education according to China’s national conditions, trained a large number of Islam preaching personnel, and returned numerous Muslims to Islamic orthodoxy. He helped those good believers who love Allah and our prophet Mohanmed (May Allah Bless Him) to refine their behavior, sublimate their understanding and obtain Allah’s recommendation.

Presbyter Ma Yuzhu, Sheikh Mohammed Habib Al Alim Abdul Rawufu Yemeni has devoted himself to the study of Chinese orthodox indigenous Islam and orthodox Sufi thoughts. He has translated and created hundreds of orthodox Islamic classics. His main works and translations include The Secret of Truth, The Confidential Secret of Truth, Chinese Sufi, Islam in China, Chinese Islamic Orthodoxy, History of Jahariyah, Literal Translations of Quran, Notes to Quran, Interpretation of Arabian Five Parallel Poems (Note: Translations of Edge Inscription Text in Persian), Interpretation of Praise Poetry to Our Prophet of Mandayina, Interpretation of Ruba Quran, Evidence of Orthodoxy in the Scriptures (Note: the Scriptures propagating orthodox views), the Essentials of Shariah, The Truth, Islamic Identity, Islamic Logic, Islamic Ethics, etc.

At the same time, combining the reality, Sheikh has also written lots of articles and works on Islam in China and Ethnic issues at home and abroad, hoping to share worries of the state in management of religious and ethnic issues. Sheikh’s main work is to study and publicize Chinese Orthodox Islamic Sufi monographs. Conformed to the state’s religious and national policies, he has interpreted the doctrines, teachings and the six holy precepts of Chinese orthodox Islam based on classics.

The core ideas of Presbyter Ma Yuzhu, Sheikh Mohammed Habib Al Alim Abdul Rewufu Yemeni are: Islam in China is orthodox Islam, which is based on the highly cultural identity and cultural confidence of Chinese civilization. His thought has led many people to know Islam and converted more people to Islam. Like an invincible lighthouse, Sheikh pointed out the course of faith for the entire Chinese Muslim community. It has been realized that there are Muslims who believe in Islam in more than fifty nationalities in China. As Sheikh said: How I wish all mankind would become Muslims! How I wish all Muslims could walk on the dignified road! The correct way of Sufi is to realize that Sufi is the ultimate way to serve all people and all mankind.