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At the beginning of the eighteenth century, Sheikh of China, Hazart Sheikh Wiqay Tunllah accepted the holy Sufi Naqshbandi Order in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen (from his Sheikh, namely Yemen’s Sheikh, Hazart Sheikh Muhammad Wubn Zeyni).Naqshbandi Al-Jahriyah. It has been inherited in China for about three hundred years until now.

The Shaykhs

As for Hazart Sheikh Muhammad Habib Al-Alim, Abdul-Raouf Al-Yamani Al-Hasani Al-Husseini, who is the forty-ninth grandson of our Master, the Prophet of Allah, (peace be upon him).

Family name: Muhammad Shams al-Islam.Sharia name: Muhammad. Habib Al-Aleem.Tariq name: Abdul Rauf Al Yemani.

the truth

Mohammed (s) said “ When the truth is far away in China, you should go to seek for.
Sheikh Muhayyidiny (Radiya -llahu ʿanhu) said in his book, “The last top-ranking Murshid (مرشد) will be born in China.
Sheikh Ibn.Arabi said, “The last top-ranking Wali of humanity will appear in China.”

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